Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

{best. vanilla. ever.}

If you've been reading the blog this morning, you will know I am having a wonderful day. I just returned from dropping Ben off at preschool and my mail arrived while I was gone for 15 minutes.

In my mailbox today was a package from Angela at Solstice Scents. Last week on Frugal Fridays, I featured a vanilla perfume from Soltice Scents as one of the 10 vanilla finds for less than $10. My friend Trina has raved about this one as well, so I decided to order it.

My perfume arrived today and all I can say is WOW. It is perhaps the truest, loveliest, most comforting vanilla I have ever smelled in a fragrance at any price range. The scent is called Cenobite and if you love vanilla, you need to try this one! It is $8.

I am also passing along a recommendation from the same friend who loves Cenobite. She tells me that the Body Ganache from Solstice Scents is also an amazing product. There are no parabens or other nasties either. I'd like to try it as well:

The C & G Bottom Line: If you love vanilla scents or know someone who does, Cenobite by Solstice Scents is a really fabulous fragrance!

*Disclosure: I paid for this product myself and all opinions are my own.