Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

{beauty review: NVEY ECO}

Last week, I was sent some makeup to test from the certified organic Australian cosmetics company, NVEY ECO. This exclusive line features products which are paraben free, petrochemical free, and free of artificial fragrances.

Additionally, you will not find genetically modified oils, talc, or sodium lauryl sulfate. Nanoparticle ingredients are not used because the jury is still out to many on whether this is safe or not. There is no animal testing. I have tried a product from NVEY ECO before, the Organic Moisturizing Liquid Foundation. I really liked the luxurious feel of the product on my skin, especially in the winter time. Given my opinion of that product, I have been quite eager to try the rest.

I am reviewing the Organic Powder Blush. I received an absolutely gorgeous shade, #957, which is a very lovely peachy pink shade. It would suit nearly every skin tone.

What I really adore about this blush is the fact that it blends so beautifully and the texture is nearly perfect. It is soft and silky, yet long wearing. I like the fact that it is not glittery and that it gives natural looking but better cheekbones. In that respect you will not really find a better high end blush. As someone who spent years as a makeup artist, this is one I surely would have wanted in my arsenal, because of the quality and wear.

The shade selection is also wonderful if you want to get something that doesn't look artificial. I love the product packaging--simple, sleek and round. 

So we have all of the pluses--a lovely blush in terms of texture, quality, color, and wear. Now we get to that point where I am torn again. I have already stated that this is a higher end product, so I am not going to state my opinions on its price right now. Is it a bargain? No.  It is priced similarly to other blushes from Sephora or department stores. One blush sells for $29.

OK, folks, here is my dilemma. This blush contains carrot oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Jojoba, Chamomile, Coconut Oil--all favorites here at Chic & Green. My issue is with the Palm Oil in this product, as well as the bulk of the other NVEY ECO lineup, from lip gloss to pressed powder. Among the stellar, natural ingredients in this blush, there is Magnesium Stearate (which states palm oil on their website) and Palm Kernel Glycerides (Palm Kernel Oil).

I know that Palm Oil is not harmful to the skin. Many people adore Palm Oil, but I have an ethical issue with its use, so I choose not to purchase products containing this ingredient. It is a personal choice whether or not to use palm oil. The presence of palm oil in a product does not make the product of poor quality or ineffective. It is a matter of whether or not you feel comfortable using it.

Here is a look at a piece written about  Palm Oil here on Chic & Green, as well as the link to a letter I received regarding the article from Richard Zimmerman, Director of Orangutan Outreach.

The Chic & Green Bottom Line:

This is tough. I loved everything about this blush and can say that it is a great product in nearly every single way.  This is also a $29 blush that isn't better than the exquisite $8 blushes from Everyday Minerals. I have stated that this is higher end and I know many of my readers do purchase high end cosmetics. What I cannot brush aside is the fact that palm oil is in this in two different forms. If not for the palm oil, I could say to those who favor luxury cosmetics to go out and order it. I cannot recommend this one without the reminder that palm oil is present.

Disclosure: I did not pay for the NVEY ECO blush or eye shadow I received. Both were sent to this blogger for possible review. This in no way influenced my thoughts, opinions, etc. for this review.