Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

{99 cent nail note}

It is Nick's last day of school today and I'll busy doing some errands with Benjamin this morning after our morning date. Speaking of Ben, he will turn FIVE tomorrow! How is that possible? Even more impossible in my mind is the fact that Nick will be a second grader in the fall!

I just had to stop in a give a quick rave for a new nail color I bought over the weekend. It is another green shade...more of a shimmery teal, actually. In the bright sun, it almost has a silver meets forest tint to it. It changes and I like it! Best of all, this nail polish is free of phthalates, toleune, and formaldehyde. Did I mention it was less than a buck?

The formula is Wet N Wild Wild Shine. The shade is Caribbean Frost. I just put it on my toes Sunday. No chipping yet, but my toe nail color doesn't chip as easily as my finger nails.

Just thought I'd share!