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{monday morning musings}

What a weekend! We had some really strong storms with heavy winds that knocked out our electricity around 11:30 Saturday morning.

RG & E said that the power should be restored by 5pm that day, so I actually was enjoying my quiet few hours. I dropped Nick off at a birthday party, then the four of us went to dinner at Sticky Lips, a local BBQ place at the corner of Culver and Atlantic in the city.

We arrived home to a darker, cooler house. RG & E then said that our power would be restored by 11pm that night.

We sat with candles and flashlights and watched as the people across the street all had lights on. This side of the street is on a different line, apparently. About 30 homes in my area were without power. Several thousand were without power in the entire Rochester area.

When we woke up yesterday, it was chilly here. I know it is May and all, but when we woke up yesterday, there was snow on the cars that Tom had to wipe off before he went to go get our breakfast. Snow on Mother's Day. Snow on May 9. 

It was cold in here. It was supposed to drop into the upper 20s and low 30s last night, so we knew we couldn't stay another night, especially since RG & E kept changing the estimated restoration time. It went from 2pm Sunday to noon today, so we had to stay somewhere else.

We ended up going to the Holiday Inn next to Target here in Irondequoit. The power ended up coming back on after the boys were snug in bed in their pjs, so we decided to stay.

Mr. Ben woke up at 2am with a tummy bug, so that made it all the more exciting. Nick was thrilled this morning, though. He had biscuits and gravy, eggs, bacon, cereal and a cinnamon bun at the hotel breakfast buffet. 

We arrived back home a while ago. There's truly no place like home. Today I'll be emptying out the fridge and freezer since all the food has gone bad. I'll be back tomorrow!

The one thing about our weekend that stands out--Nick commented that this must have been the worst Mother's Day ever. Actually, it was one of the best. For most of it, there was no tv, internet, Wii, or other distractions. We played lots of games, ate takeout, and just enjoyed each other's company. It doesn't get much better than that.