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We had a beautiful and sunny Saturday in upstate New York. I was showered and dressed with my sunscreen applied by 8 o'clock. I know better, but I didn't take the time to reapply my own sunscreen that day. I burn so easily. While I didn't get a major burn by any stretch, I found myself with super sensitive and pink skin  above the v-neckline of my shirt.

I had a little bit of a prickly heat rash on my arms as well. I itched and was just extra sensitive. 

Whenever my skin is being temperamental like this, I reach for a super easy, gently spray I make. 

When I was selling skin care, this was a huge hit in the summer time to help calm sunburned skin. It also works well on many people with eczema or those with dry, itchy skin in the winter time, too!

Today's DIY: Botanical Soothing Body Mist

 If you click the ingredients, it will link you where you can buy them.

In a bottle with spray top, combine the following ingredients:

1.5 ounces Aloe Vera Juice
1.5 ounces distilled water
1.5 ounces green tea extract
1 ounce The Herbarie's Botanical Complex SCA (a fabulous blend of 5 extracts you'll learn more about below)

What do the ingredients in the spray do?

ALOE VERA JUICE-- is one of my favorite ingredients. Aloe Vera Juice naturally contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, niacinamide, choline and 18 amino acids. It can be used to brighten, calm, provide antioxidant benefits, and soothe irritated skin.
GREEN TEA EXTRACT--is chock full of EGCG, an antioxidant complex.
WHITE PEONY TEA EXTRACT--much like its relative green tea extract, this is an antioxidant powerhouse. It, however, contains 3 times as many polyphenols. It's detoxifying as well.
LAVENDER HYDROSOL--one of the most soothing and calming floral waters is lavender hydrosol. Helps soothe sensitive, sunburned, and irritated skin. Helps heal wounds and speeds the healing process
NETTLE EXTRACT--known for its anti-inflammatory properties, this can even help reduce the side effects of eczema
MELISSA EXTRACT--also known as lemon balm, this is wound healing, soothing, and detoxifying properties; helps keep bugs away, anti-inflammatory
ELDERFLOWER EXTRACT--used to treat wounds, insect bites and sunburns
CLEAVERS EXTRACT--an excellent tonic and anti-inflammatory, great for breakouts and soothing bug bites
PLANTAIN EXTRACT--a phytochemical, this helps increase cell turnover and is known for its wound healing benefits

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