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{Christine's New Project}

My friend Christine and I met at Starbucks last night for our usual 3 hour chat over coffee (and double chocolate cookies). Would it surprise you if I told you we were both wearing our usual black tops? She's the one I told you about who likes wearing black as much as I do. I met her through eBay two years ago and we've been friends ever since. Did I ever tell you that story?

My tart bowl from Christine

I was buying an enamelware bowl on eBay to store my tarts in and before I paid for it, the seller noticed that my shipping zip code was the same as hers. Not only did we discover that we live in the same town, but we're both on the west side. We both blog and are interested in many of the same things. Her daughter and Ben are also about the same age and will enter kindergarten in the fall.

She and I both like leopard print shoes, the occasional Vera Bradley bag, thrift store shopping, and finding roadside treasures.

Who knew that me buying a bowl would result in a friendship?

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about Christine's new project. I've told you before about her blog, Finding Abundance in Everyday Life. It's really cool. She talks about everything from parenting to gardening to books...and even has a regular feature about a 100 year old diary she found and has been sharing with her readers.

Photo from the Genesee Country Village & Museum blog

Christine is also very interested in 19th century America. One of her most favorite places is the Genesee Country Village & Museum, which is located in Mumford, New York. Mumford is about 20 miles southwest of Rochester. Christine recently started a fabulous new blog for the museum. If you're interested in local activities or about that time period, I really suggest you check it out.

The blog can be found right here. This is something Christine is really passionate about--the way I am with C & G. I wish her the best for many years of blogging for the museum!