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{your vintage kitchen}

I love anything and everything vintage. Not only do vintage finds have a story behind them, but they are also green since you're reusing or repurposing them. 

I like to look for vintage elements for our kitchen. Here are some great finds from Etsy.

Retro glasses from The Fancy Lamb

A cheerful vintage Pyrex bowl...I'd put in on the counter as a fruit bowl. The yellow makes me smile.


I adore the jadite handle! This is from 1923 and would be a great decorative accent.

When I was growing up, we had a kitchen with red checkered wallpaper (with fruit on it) and a red rotary wall phone. I think these dishes would've looked fun in that kitchen.

These vintage Melmac pieces are from Itty Bitty Birdy.

My Grandma S. had a set of these, which I now have. When I was a kid, I thought they were really ugly. Now they not only have sentimental value, but they're cool vintage finds!

From Kultur

I don't mean to be dramatic about a rolling pin, but isn't this THE loveliest one you have ever seen? I mean, you have shine, you have pink, and then you have aqua. Seriously, I love this one!