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Palm Oil Free Suds: Southern Vermont Soap

You know I like handmade soap. There is nothing like a well made bar of cold process soap but it can be hard to find soapers who do not use palm oil. Even so-called sustainable palm oil is not worth the risk because there are not enough regulations to make sure it is truly sustainable. If something isn't done about the palm oil industry, orangutans will be extinct in a matter of less than a decade.

Just over two years ago, I discovered Aunt Nancy's Handmade Soaps on Etsy and she instantly became my go to soaper. I simply adore her soaps. Last year, I tried Alchemic Muse on Etsy as well. Her soaps are also free of palm oil and are available in really unique essential oil-based fragrance blends. After being on 1000 Markets for a while, I also stumbled upon Southern Vermont Soap. This seller has shops on both 1000 Markets and Etsy. I have ordered from her shop on 1000 Markets just because I sell there.

I like to rotate my bars and I had one left from both Aunt Nancy and Alchemic Muse. I ordered 3 new bars last week from Southern Vermont Soaps, as I didn't have any of her bars left.

I chose Honey Almond Shea Butter Soap, Chocolate Bliss Shea Butter Soap, and Toasted Coconut Shea Butter Soap.

All three are marvelous as always and look and smell divine. I think the Toasted Coconut is my favorite because it really smells like toasted coconut. The Honey Almond is a wonderful daily staple and I know it'll be used on the entire family. The Chocolate Bliss is intriguing. I have ordered 2 bars of the Chocolate Cream Pie from Nadine before. That chocolate soap was very mild smelling and was also a kid friendly scent. This one is all mine. It has spicier notes, most likely of amber and is really a grown up chocolate. It is wonderful!

All three bars are just heavenly. The last time I ordered from Southern Vermont Soap was many months ago and she was transitioning to 100% palm oil free soap status. When I ordered before, some bars contained palm oil; some did not. Now her soaps are all free of palm oil and I just have to give here huge KUDOS for going this route.

If all soapers would do this, I would be elated.

I love having three great companies from which to choose. All three offer something really different from the other and I like that. I know I have mentioned the other two companies much more often here at Chic & Green, but I want you to know there is another great company out there, too!