Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit


Isn't this vase so pretty for Mother's Day? It was made by Carol Barclay, a local artist. Look for Carol in an upcoming edition of C & G's Fabulous Ladies of the ROC.

Reminders: my blog giveaway sponsored by Alima Pure ends tonight. A winner will be announced tomorrow. You can still enter!

My earring giveaway also ends tonight. Look for a winner to be announced tomorrow on my  fans page on Facebook.

Monday, I will be announcing a FANTABULOUS skin care giveaway from a great green company!

Tomorrow, I'm headed to Webster to take more pieces to Vintage Bliss. Since the newspaper article came out, Loubird pieces are in short supply there. I'll be taking earrings and rings to Sheryn's shop tomorrow.

Speaking of Vintage Bliss, there is a great woman you'll often see there. Her name is Debbie and she teaches yoga in Victor and has a wonderful blog called Retreat and Restore. Check it out!

Other favorite links to share today...

I think we might also head back to Lollypop Farm this weekend. I took the boys last week during their spring break. They are standing in the above picture under the giant bull. I used to stand by the same bull when I was their age.

Lollypop Farm is where we adopted Buddy in 1997 (he was our Cocker Spaniel and passed away in 2006) and then Cannon in 2007 (our feisty German Shepherd mix). It's our nearby Humane Society and I really encourage you to consider adopting your animals from Lollypop.  

The kids love going there--they also have a great outdoor area with horses, cows, llamas, emus, goats, pigs and sheep.

I am not sure what else we're doing this weekend. I know we'll be outdoors quite a bit. The boys have requested lunch or dinner at Sticky Lips BBQ tomorrow as well, so we may just be heading there!

Before I go for the day--don't you love the sandals I found today on the Target clearance? They're sparkly with black sequins. They were $13. I seriously thought about not getting them. #1, they are completely flat. I'm not sure my broken fibula ever healed right because super flat shoes are almost as uncomfy as super high heels on that left ankle. #2, I am not a cheapskate, but I am frugal. There's something about the thrill of a super bargain. I am used to finding $3 and $6 shoes on the clearance. These were still a great buy, though!

Enjoy your weekend!