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$30 Jewelry Studio Space

I've been a busy bee lately. I have really been wanting my own jewelry and crafting space, but have been unsure of where to put it. My old workspace was a finished room of the basement, but Tom took that over as his office since he primarily works from home.

There are two other spaces down there--one for laundry, furnace, water heater, storage, etc. and the other was turned into a play room for Nick and Ben before Christmas. I've been making my jewelry at the dining room table or else in the living room at night.

We have an ideal space--the breezeway/3 season room between the garage and the kitchen. It's a nice sized space that hasn't been well-utilized. It also has large windows on both the north and south sides and the room gets loads of natural light. This is ideal for doing my projects. I am going to make this a year 'round space by getting one of those fireplace style heaters in the fall.

I took the bull by the horns and decided to revamp it into a bright and cheerful jewelry-making studio. I am almost done, with the exception of adding a sisal rug to the center of the room and hanging up the bamboo shades for the back windows.

Here is what the space looked like the day we moved in. There was an old dark green rug that we ripped up:

After we moved in, I used my grandmother's old porch furniture to create a little space. The lazy Cocker Spaniel is our wonderful pooch, Buddy, who passed away in 2006.

The boys eventually took over the space and it became their spring and summer spot to play. Since they play in their room and playroom now, the space has become a place to take off shoes and set things....wasted space!

So I started to paint...and paint...and paint....

I painted the walls, ceiling, and even the floor.

One wall is a lavender called Behr Innuendo.

The remaining 3 walls are a blend...I mixed what was left of our robin's egg blue kitchen cabinet paint and the creamy kitchen wall paint to get a muted robin's egg shade.

Oh, and I added some fun polka dots to the floor. I painted the floor (and ceiling) Behr Wasabi. This is a celery shade and was left over from my living room fall project.

The polka dots are the blue and lavender from the walls and a Rust Oleum spray fuchsia I used to paint a frame.

My bulletin board:

Covering the window on this door--this is identical to the table runners I bought to make window treatments in our kitchen last fall. This is a single runner (on clearance for $3.24) cut in two.

I bought two 40" X 84" celery colored sheer crinkle panels today at Target. I put one panel on each window and tied it back. They were $4.99 each.

The "tie backs" are actually handmade sachet pillows from my friend, Beth.

I am spray painting frames to go around my necklaces.

A frame I used loads of Modge Podge and paper on :)

Little bird hanger from Vintage Bliss

A little black shelf for my rings (1 of 3)

Total Cost of this project: $30! I needed one gallon of paint. It was $20 at Home Depot. The rest I mixed from other projects. I spent $10 on window treatments today. The rest of the items came from other rooms and my other supplies already on hand.