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DIY Thursday: 100% Natural Lip & Cheek Tint

Launched in the summer of 2008 in my now-closed skin care boutique, my Lip & Cheek Tint was my 4th most popular item sales-wise.

I created this because I loved the concept of Benefit's popular product called Benetint, but hated the price tag and ingredients. Benetint sells for $28 for 0.4 fluid ounces. In it you will find Water, Rosewater, Glycerin, Quaternium-15, and Carmine. As I have mentioned before, carmine gives a red color and comes from crushed bugs. Quaternium-15 is a highly irritating ingredient which has been found to be contaminated with formaldehyde.

Making your own healthier and all-natural version is so simple. It can be used on your cheeks and lips to give a rosy glow.

You will need:

*Distilled Water (for less than $1 a gallon at Wegmans or your local grocery store)

*Vegetable Glycerin (buy this where you'll get the natural colorant below at Nature's Flavors)

*Natural Food Coloring (look for this at Nature's Flavors)

*Glass roller bottle, dropper bottle or lip gloss tube (check out Elements Bath & Body Supply or clean and reuse one of your empty ones)

This is so simple to make and you can make variations of the recipe. Of all the natural colorants available, I had two that made the best colors (sold as Ripe Berries and Fresh Roses): Elderberry and Beet & Hibiscus.

Your supplies will cost you in the $20 range for all, but this will also make many, many bottles that you can make with friends, give as gifts, etc.

To Make:

I use this recipe because you do not have to go out and mash berries or strain beet root in a double boiler. This is super speedy and very easy. If I had a daughter, I'd do this as a girls' spa night project.

For reference, I am using a 1/3 ounce roller bottle. I recommend equal parts colorant, water, and glycerin. Combine and secure cap. Shake gently.

The Elderberry will give a more plummy/raisin tint. The Beet & Hibiscus says it is red, but is a brighter pink and is ideal for a pop of color.


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