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Wednesday Style: Shabby Apple

{not too shabby}

I think this is one may be my favorite. It's in my top 3. It's made of Amy Butler fabric, too!

I recently had the pleasure of being sent a dress to review from Shabby Apple, a new to me company with a fabulous assortment of dresses.

I am in love. My friend, Christine, recently blogged that even though I am the mom of two boys, I am "the ultimate girlie girl." She's right. I love, love jewelry and makeup and to get dressed up to go out with Tom on Saturday nights. It's just a big part of who I am. I love dresses, especially when they fit well and make me feel good. I like dresses that are very chic and flirty. I want to feel comfortable in them, though, and not worry if my rear looks too big in it.

The above dress is the one I was sent. I've worn it twice and adore it.

I was able to choose from a small selection of dresses (thank you, Shabby Apple!) and I chose a new twist on the little black dress. I love the top part, especially, and it fits as though it was made just for me. I was nervous about the ruching near the hips because I do have curvy hips, but everything it just fits beautifully.

What I like about Shabby Apple is that you can click on your body type and it will show you the most flattering options. You can also find something beautiful if you're pregnant or need to get a plus size. There really is something gorgeous for everyone.

This one is from the maternity line. How chic!

I am going to order a couple of dresses this spring that I have my eye on because my own dress is well made, fits beautifully, and makes me smile. It is also really comfortable, too!

If you like dresses, please don't hesitate to try out Shabby Apple. They have so many beautiful items and their prices are similar to what you'd find at many shops in the mall. I can attest to the quality. I've ordered clothes online before that look great online and arrive only to be disappointing. Shabby Apple is not one of those places!

One of my friends adores this one, which is called Bethesda Fountain.

This red dress is another of my favorites.

Disclosure: I was contacted by the company and offered an opportunity to receive a dress at no charge for possible review. This, as always, did not reflect the outcome of the review. I am also a member of the Shabby Apple affiliate program.