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Rochester's Best Cupcake: The Cupcake Dreamery's Bananas Foster

Nick's favorite was the Peanut Butter Cup. It was stellar.

Bananas Foster...Fabulous in every single way--no better cupcake around!

The time has come to announce the winner of Chic & Green's Best Cupcake in Rochester and I have to tell you that these cupcakes were on a completely different level than any other.

After grading 8 cupcakes from local bakeries, the clear winner is Bananas Foster from The Cupcake Dreamery. It earned a perfect 50 out of 50 points, something I never anticipated knowing how picky I can be. I also can say, without a doubt, that the 3 other flavors I tried in their minis also would have earned a perfect score had I officially graded them.

I have tasted some really fabulous cupcakes during these 2+ weeks of the competition, as well as some that were really not so good (to put it as kindly as possible).

I've also learned some things along the way. I learned that a $4 cupcake isn't better than a $2.25 cupcake. I learned that cupcakes really can vary from bakery to bakery, but also that cupcakes from the same bakery can differ greatly as well.

For example, last week I gave a really good score to Dolce Cupcakery and I stand by it. I tried two filled cupcake--the Cookies & Cream and the Peanut Butter Cup. Both were purchased at 10am, fresh from the oven and really delicious. I received a couple of comments about the unfilled ones tasting quite different from the filled varieties. Today I had that chance to compare.

Nick had a half day of school, and the two of us went to Aladdin's for lunch with my Mom. We then went to Dolce Cupcakery and ordered cupcakes to go. We chose the Mama Bear (devil's food cake with cream cheese frosting), Signature Vanilla (vanilla bean cupcake with vanilla buttercreme frosting), and another Chocolate Peanut Butter Bliss (this was the only filled one we ordered).

Like last week, the filled peanut butter flavor was filled and it was quite good. I tried a sample of the unfilled cupcakes today and I noticed a difference. The cupcakes were much drier than the filled variety and would have scored lower in a review. It is really interesting to see how cupcakes can be so different even at the same bakery.

The same could have been said last night at Sugar Mountain Bake Shoppe. We really liked the Very Vanilla and were much less impressed with the Sinfully Chocolate. I am sure that I may taste one the next time (which there surely will be) that I enjoy even more than the Very Vanilla.

After sampling the Kup-Kakery, three were not so great (in our experience), while one was much better than the other 3.

After a not so great Red Velvet Cupcake at The Little Bakery, I ended up returning for a plain chocolate one. While it wasn't out of this world good, it was better than the Red Velvet.

One thing, however, that truly sets The Cupcake Dreamery apart from the rest is that each and every cupcake was just out of this world good. When I first tried the Peanut Butter Cup, I was completely enamored and couldn't imagine a better cupcake. I'm not a Mimosa fan in general, yet the Mimosa cupcake was also just scrumptious. The Red Velvet? Delicious. Beautiful. Perfect. When I tried the Bananas Foster, though, I knew right away that this one was just heaven on earth.

If I could only eat one cupcake again in this life, it would undoubtedly be the Bananas Foster Cupcake from The Cupcake Dreamery. Everything about this one was just decadent.

You can find these cupcakes inside Boulder Coffee at the Rochester Public Market on Saturdays. They focus mainly on corporate events, charity functions, and special orders as opposed to having a retail location. After attending their event at Next Door Bar & Grill, I can see that this is their niche. They do a great job with this type of function.

I can tell you that you will love their cupcakes, their outstanding customer service, attention to detail, and just everything in general.

Heather Saffer, the owner, is a rising star in her field and it is always so wonderful to see young women go after their dreams and become successful. Her passion for baking comes through in each bite.

Congratulations to The Cupcake Dreamery!

So how did the cupcakes compare?

1. Bananas Foster~The Cupcake Dreamery
2. Very Vanilla~Sugar Mountain Bake Shoppe
3. (tie) Vanilla Bean~Goodness Cakes
3. (tie) Cookies & Cream~Dolce Cupcakery
4. Pumpkin Cupcake~EcoBella Bakery
5. Vanilla~Wegmans
6. Chocolate with Peanut Butter Filling~KupKakery
7. Red Velvet~The Little Bakery