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My Lovely Pick Me Up: Shopping in Greece

When I usually want to have an out of the ordinary, quick shopping trip while Ben is at preschool, I typically head to Schoen Place and then to Pittsford Farms Dairy in Pittsford or down Park Avenue in Rochester. I am also in Webster often and in the summer weather, I like to head to the Fairport village to look at the shops.

It's a gorgeous sunny day, but I feel blah because it is so cold--my thermometer read 17 when I took Cannon out this morning and the last I checked it was still only 25.

When we were at Bill and Kathy's a few weeks ago for dinner, Bill (I call him Uncle Bill, but he's really my dad's cousin's husband) mentioned a great little gift shop in Greece by Talbots. He said he thought I would like it. I put it on my mental list of places to go and kind of forgot about it.

Today, I remembered our talk and I decided to check it out.

I am so happy I did. This is my kind of shop. Chances are, it's your kind of shop as well. Most of you are proud supporters of the handmade movement and this shop is full of lovely items, many from local handmade artisans.

The shop is called Makiki Gift Shop and it is located at 1100 Long Pond Road in the Country Village Plaza. This is in the plaza located at the corner of Maiden Lane and Long Pond Road. Talbots is in the front of the plaza and Makiki is right near by in the corner.

When you enter, the aroma of handmade candles fills the shop. You immediately feel like a welcome friend and I think that's because of Gail Westlake, the owner. She was a gem to talk to. What I also found is that the other customers were as well. One kind woman and I were talking about jewelry and handbags and shopping in the Rochester area. This shop is really inviting and warm.

You'll find handmade jewelry, items for the home, coffee, greeting cards, fabric bags, and so much more. It's really a treasure an area so heavily saturated with big box stores.

I bought a birthday card for my Aunt Jean and some Kahlua & Cream coffee from a local business called Deborah Jean & Co. I cannot wait to make it in this evening.

My visit to Makiki Gift Shop was just lovely this afternoon.

When I was done shopping, I headed down to Oriens Cafe (I thought it had an apostrophe, but noticed there is none on their site or packaging, so I'll spell it the way it appears on their materials). Oriens is just a few shops away in the same plaza.

I have heard great things about one of my favorite things--gelato--at Oriens. They must have had at least a dozen flavors and there were about 7 or 8 I wanted to try, but I was just too cold today.

I opted for a hot chocolate mint, a very minty flavored rich drinking chocolate. This is not like your typical Swiss Miss. It is a rich, thicker chocolate drink and it is so good. In lieu of the gelato, I studied their pastry case for several minutes and decided to be kind and order the peanut butter cup for Tom. He loves peanut butter cups. This one had Reese's Pieces on top, one of his favorite candies.

When I got home, though, I made the mistake of taking a bite out of the peanut butter cup. You know, being the lovely wife that I am, I wanted to make sure Tom would enjoy the treat. I don't want him eating anything that isn't good. The problem with this treat? It was too good. This is NOT your typical peanut butter cup. It was so good, with such a dense, dark chocolate coating and ooey goodness inside that more than half is missing right now.

I was only gone for an hour or so, but I had a lovely time at those 2 new to me venues. I know when we think of shopping in Rochester, we don't always say, "Let's go to Greece!"

Why not? These places are fabulous!