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I {heart} Almonds

I love almonds. When I think of almonds, I think of a local favorite: Abbott's Chocolate Almond Frozen Custard. I cannot wait for summer so I can enjoy that indulgence every now and then.

My latest almond obsession? Mudlark's M Luxe Almond Lip Balm, which is available at Vintage Bliss in Webster. I love it!

Whether it's the taste of almonds or the scent, I have some almond love to share today.

I know it's called White Christmas, but don't let the name fool you. My friend, Amy, gave me this tea for Christmas and I will drink it year 'round. The almond and vanilla is just heavenly and it has become my most favorite tea ever!


Solid perfume from Madame Scodioli smells like almond, milk, and honey.
So comforting!


I adore salt scrubs for a polished glow and the Almond Poppyseed scrub from Desert Soapstone sounds marvelous!


Cinnamon Sugar Almond soy candle from Black Mountain Candles

An old favorite...I think I've been buying this one on and off since it came out.
Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme by Burt's Bees

These delicious sounding cookies from Elsylee are a must order: almond cherry shortbread with blackberry conserve. Yum!


How unusual! Pink Cinnamon Almond Nougat Bars from Have It Sweet sound delightful!

Honey Almond soap by Southern Vermont Soaps is free of palm oil and has the gentle aroma of almonds.


I have been enjoying Soapwalla Kitchen's Comfort Organic Hand & Body Wash these past few days. The scent of ginger and almond married together is just lovely.