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BrowBiz: A Visit with Local Entrepreneur Deborah Netti

{a little help for the tweezer happy}

Before: I cannot believe I am showing this one--a wet head and no makeup. And my terrible brows.
This is what you see when I don't do my brows (I have nada on here...)

After: An hour after the sculpting...redness gone. Wearing the Ash brow powder from BrowBiz Deborah says that with a well sculpted brow, you can walk out the door with lip gloss and a bit of mascara....and once I got home and got on with my weekend, that is what I did.

Deborah Netti, Owner of BrowBiz
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I have issues with my brows. Seriously. Naturally full and thick, I started tweezing them when I was about 18. I had a great natural arch going and really only needed to maintain little hairs in between and underneath the natural brow.

Then I went to work at an exclusive salon where employees were essentially told how they must look. My hair had been growing and I was so happy that it was near shoulder length and the powers that be told me that I needed to get a pixie. That was my first day on the job. I got several inches chopped off (after a year and a half of growing out a pixie) and then was told that the "in" look at that time was the thin Twiggy-esque brow.

I was scheduled for a brow waxing that went wrong. Terribly wrong. I had had other waxings before at the salon, but my usual esthetician was off that day, so I saw another. The wax was too hot and I was left with two welts just above the brow bone. It looked like blisters. Not pretty! My brow size also decreased by about 50%. When all was said and done, I was left with pencil thin brows, a growing in period, and lots of products purchased in all these years--among them Smashbox Brow Tech, Bare Escentuals Brow Powder, and products from Anastasia, Ardell, Laura Mercier and Lancome.

I don't leave the house without making sure I have "my brows on."

I know that the really bad waxing was most likely a one time thing, but it pretty much scared me away from getting them waxed again. I have been OK with tweezing them on my own for these years, but the past months have been much harder.

My eyes aren't that great and I cannot see those little hairs without my bifocals on. With them on and using a magnifying mirror, I can see those pesky things clearly. The problem is, though, that I need to take them off to tweeze, so I am at the mercy of my power of guessing to pluck those stray hairs away. When you're wielding a hair removal tool, you really shouldn't be guessing. That's what I have been doing, though.

Anyway, I decided to take the bull by the horns and seek professional help recently. I decided to go the route of an actual professional brow sculpting session, rather than just have them waxed.

Enter Deborah Netti, owner of BrowBiz at the corner of West Ridge and Mitchell Road in Greece. Deborah and her twin sister started a cosmetics company in 1987 called Jumelle Cosmetics. She has made over many faces over the years, transforming them into works of art. She and her sister used to do bridal makeovers, and Deborah would always begin with tweezing the eyebrows of the brides. They then started offering makeup lessons, and Deborah says that she always began each session with the brows. It turned into their most common request. More people were calling about having their brows sculpted than having makeup lessons.

There was a bit of an "a-ha" moment when Oprah Winfrey had a brow sculpting expert on her show. Deborah and her sister went on their separate ways business-wise and both eventually opened their own brow studios.

I had my sculpting at BrowBiz on March 14. I was really happy to meet Deborah and was impressed with her expertise.

Something that truly sets Deborah apart from many others is her background as an artist. She is able to see things differently, with an artistic approach. This is why I chose her for the brow sculpting. It is important to note that there is a big difference in going to the salon to get your brows waxed by your hair stylist or esthetician. I asked Deborah to describe that difference and she told me that waxing is just hair removal. She explained that sculpting is actually creating a shape for the brows. I can tell from my experience with both that the latter truly is an art form.

Deborah began by studying my face and then she used a combination of trimming, waxing and tweezing. She trims the hair with haircutting scissors, which are sharper and more precise than mustache scissors. Deborah mentioned that when you get a traditional waxing, the person providing the service typically user mustache scissors or omits the trimming set altogether.

The trimming of the hairs helps Deborah to actually cut an arch into the brow. She also waxed above and between the brows and plucked underneath. Unlike past waxing sessions, the process was super speedy and virtually painless. Deborah was so efficient that the waxing was over before I knew it. Since I am a chicken when it comes to pain, this was welcome!

I looked in the mirror and was really pleased with the process. My sensitive skin was red for about 30 minutes and it quickly faded away. I no longer have a fear of someone else touching my brows.

Deborah then studied the brows again and applied brow powder in a color called Ash. You can tell by the way she studies your face the entire process that Deborah is a true perfectionist. The whole sculpting, from the preparation to the waxing and tweezing, cleaning up, and brow powder application took about 20 minutes and the results were really pleasing.

My ever observant son, Nicholas, noticed the "after" right away. He said he liked how they "start fat, then get thinner and raise up." Ah, the words of a 6 year old.

It is now 12 days after the appointment. The waxed areas have stayed hair free. The tweezed areas have grown back, but my hair grows incredibly fast, so this is very normal. I've been trying to be really good with my heavy hand with the tweezers. I asked Deborah if she had any advice for people like me who try so hard to resist the urge to tweeze while some of the hairs grow back. She told me that keeping up with brow sculpting appointments and using a good brow product to keep them looking good each day are her recommendations.

Something else that Deborah and I discussed was how your eyebrows should be. We all see "fuller is in" or "thin is in" every couple years in fashion magazines. Deborah recommends a classic look. Classic would be whatever is best suited to each person without following the trends--whatever each person's personal definition of classic would be.

I am really, really happy with my brow sculpting at BrowBiz and really liked Deborah's perfectionism and her artistic background.

A first time brow sculpting session with Deborah is $30. The lovely brow powder I purchased at her boutique, a private label product, was $15 and will last me for a very long time.

More About BrowBiz:

Owned by Deborah Netti
2450 West Ridge Road
Rochester, NY 14616
(located in Greece across from the mall)