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Current Projects

I usually don't talk much about my business on this blog, because I try to keep them separate for the most part. My jewelry business, though, is part of my life and I'd like to share with you some things I have been working on.

I've been working the most right now on some more necklaces and earrings. I am really excited because my jewelry will soon be seen in boutiques in both Philadelphia and Springfield, Missouri.

I am in the middle of packing up boxes for Vix Emporium in Philadelphia and the Queen City Emporium in Springfield. Vix has a fabulous reputation and is popular in that lovely old city, while the Queen City Emporium is brand new and will open this spring on historic C Street.
I have been in talks with a couple of other boutique owners in other states as well. I hope to also have an announcement very soon of where you will be able to buy Loubird Handmaderight here in the Rochester area.

I have been selling my jewelry online now for just one month and I am super excited about how it is going. It is such fun and creating new things has just been relaxing for me. I don't think I realized how unhappy I was deep down making my skin care formulations until I officially launched the jewelry line and felt the difference in myself.

While it keeps me busy, I can start a piece and put it down to play a game with the kids and finish up later that night or another day altogether. I could not do that before. While sales have been good and the business is growing enough to be branching out to boutiques, I feel completely content and relaxed because I can work at my own pace and items do not get listed until they are finished. The fact that there's no shelf life on the materials used or the actual product is also another difference. Creating for the simple joy of creating is what this is all about! I am sure I will never regret the choice I made to close one door to open this one.

I also continue to set goals for myself. I really believe this is important no matter what you do. With my skin care business, I ultimately wanted a product featured in a major magazine (or on QVC, LOL!) and I did accomplish the first goal. With my jewelry, I have a goal of having my line in 10 shops by the beginning of 2011.

So, that is about it for now. I just wanted to share with you some of the things I have been up to these days outside of the blog, trying cupcakes, playing with my kiddos, and waiting for baseball to begin.

Enjoy the pictures!

A favorite...Through the Garden Gate. It includes a piece from the jewelry box my friend Elizabeth gave me with little treasures from her grandmother.

This is the cool box mentioned above....I've used about half of it thus far in my work.

I turned some old pearls from the above box into romantic dangles.

I had to make two pairs of these because I wanted my own...

Oxidized silver ring with vintage lucite cabochon

A vintage cameo with antiqued brass chain has fleur de lis charms with little cabochons and some vintage chalcedony stones.

Some pretty earrings...they almost remind me of cherry blossoms.

A custom request for a wedding...I have done white for the bride and pinks for her 4 attendants.

My eco-friendly product packaging...I love these. They are 100% unbleached cotton muslin little drawstring pouches.