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In Search of Rochester's Best Cupcake: Day 1

The Chic & Green Cupcake Challenge has officially begun. Before I review today's cupcake, I wanted to explain my method of scoring and some more details of the challenge.

Since I would grow very tired of eating cupcakes if I could only choose one flavor each time, I am not picking just 1 variety and comparing. I want to find Rochester's very best cupcake (to me) overall. I will score each cupcake based on 5 things: overall appearance, creativity, texture, flavor of the frosting/toppings, and flavor of the cake part of the cupcake.

Each category will be scored on a 10 point scale, 10 being the best. The highest overall score possible for each cupcake judged will be 50 points.

This challenge will go on for a while. Since my older son was nearing the end of preschool, I have lost 47 pounds and I am still a few a bit shy of my goal, so I just cannot eat a cupcake every single day. I will hit two or three places a week, order mini cupcakes when possible, and share with friends on occasion. Expect this challenge to take up to 4 weeks because the recommendations have been coming in, as have emails from bakeries requesting I try their creations.

I also want to say that taste is something very subjective. Just because I adore a certain cupcake doesn't mean you will agree with 100% of my review. The opposite will also be true. With those things said, let's get to the review.

Today I stopped at The Little Bakery on Charlotte Street in the city. It's near Union Street, Main Street, and East Avenue. I have never tried their cupcakes before until today. Why? Honestly, I like one thing and have always stuck with it: the delicious chocolate croissant. It'sby far the best in town and reminds me of the ones I enjoyed each morning while visiting Paris many years ago. It's flaky, buttery golden goodness with rich chocolate. What could be better?

I really like The Little Bakery. It is, like the name implies, little. A cute dark green building houses the bakery and it is very tiny inside. I also like how the bakery mills their own flour from local sources.

I bought two things today--the chocolate croissant for dessert tonight to share with the kiddos and a red velvet cupcake (they also had chocolate or vanilla today). Both of my items came to just around $3, so the prices are very affordable.

The bread at The Little Bakery is fantastic and so are the croissants. With those two factors in mind, I thought the cupcakes would be great as well. It was an OK cupcake, but not one I would order again.

The cupcake was a good size. It was pretty to look at--a basic looking bakery cupcake. That is OK with me. The Little Bakery doesn't advertise artisanal cupcakes, so I wasn't expecting it to have special effects on top.

Flavor wise, I was not floored. The cream cheese frosting, while lovely to look at, was just a fair tasting frosting. The cake itself was a bit dry and it didn't have that subtle cocoa flavor one looks for in red velvet cupcakes. I usually think things are too sweet as well, but I found myself thinking this one almost wasn't sweet enough. The texture was quite nice and I really appreciated the fact that the flour came from local grains. That is just cool.

For me, if I have that inner voice saying, "When can I get another one of these?", I know that I've had a great cupcake. I personally did not particularly enjoy the cupcake and wouldn't order another, but I know I'll be enjoying that chocolate croissant I purchased because they really are perfect.


Overall Appearance: 7/10

Texture: 8/10

Flavor of Cake: 6/10

Flavor of Frosting/Toppings: 6/10

Creativity: 5/10

Total Score: 32/50