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The Happy Book: A Blogging Book Club

You know, as simple as it sounds, nothing makes me happier than watching the boys have fun. Little things we often take for granted look so different when we see them through the eyes of a child. My post this week for the blogging book club to which I belong, Jamie Ridler's The Next Chapter, is short and sweet. No reflections on soul searching--just the simple joy of watching the kids enjoy a snow day is enough for me this week!

I have been enjoying the exercises in the book, though, and do have more to discuss, but this week's entry is all about the simple joys.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

You could say we got a little bit of snow beginning late Thursday and continuing through most of today. It snowed.

.....and snowed.

....enough for Mr. Ben to climb up higher than the top of the hedgerow.

Nick and Ben had a snow day yesterday and had a chance to get out and play again today.