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100: in Days and Years

In a hurry to get to school on the first day of first grade.

Nick is extra bummed today. It's the day his class is celebrating "100 Days" and there's a party to commemorate his one hundredth day of school this year. Instead, he is home sick still with Ben and Mommy. Three sickos under one roof. No wonder Tom was practically grinning ear to ear when I saw him getting in the car to go to work this morning--he would be away from our germs for 8 hours and have something to eat other than chicken soup.

It's hard to believe we're 100 days in already. Nick loves school. In fact, he went to school Friday morning and didn't tell me he was feeling poorly because he had both library and music, two favorites of his.

Photo from Christine's blog, Finding Abundance in Everyday Life.

In other musings relevant to 100, I would like to point you in the direction of my friend Christine's blog, Finding Abundance in Everyday Life. She found a very old journal at an estate sale and it is from 1910--one hundred years ago. Each day, she is sharing the man's thoughts from this day 100 years ago. It is really cool and I hope you'll check it out. The entries are very brief, but interesting nonetheless. Click here for a bit of background before you check out the daily posts.