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Delicious Gifts from A Fabulous Lady

I've told you about my sister-in-law, Laura, before. She has a true gift for culinary endeavors.

I am eager to tell you about one of my gifts from my brother and his wife, but that will wait for another day. This afternoon, I must share the 6 jars of goodness we've been enjoying.

I know Laura reads C & G and I hope she will sell these soon! I am telling you, they are amazing.

I have had some of Laura's jam before and it is splendid, but the sauces are even more delicious!

I made an Angel Food Cake the other day and I served it with the Cherry
Chocolate Macaroon Sauce. It was out of this world good.

The Lemon Pear sauce was delicious over pound cake, too.

Did I mention she made Banana Nut Bread Jam? That's right--banana nut bread jam. That, my friends, will merit its own post.

I have to publicly thank Laura because I am so lucky to have received such a lovely and thoughtful gift.

I also would like to wish Jeff and Laura a Happy Anniversary, which was yesterday.

Love you guys!