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Bare Escentuals is Asking You to Rethink Your Environment

Bare Escentuals recently began a new interactive campaign called Rethink What Matters. It's really cool because they're asking for customers to share their thoughts and feelings about various social and envrionmental issues and win prizes while doing so!

Today, their focus is called Rethink the Environment. I love it when I see companies get the ball rolling on being more eco-conscious, and this is a great step. Best of all, the company is having 500 instant wins of bareEscentuals Blush this week for participating. How cool. I adore Thistle blush and the shade Joyous Jennifer is one of the best blush shades ever.

Not all companies are willing to listen to their customers, but Bare Escentuals seems to "get" that listening is crucial to having a good business.

I'll let you know what the prize and topics are each week. Good luck to you!