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An Ugly Little Lamp Gets a Makeover

Before: yes, it's an ugly lamp...

I like lamps, particularly small "boudoir" type lamps from decades ago. Most of the ones I seem to find at thrift shops and garage sales are pretty homely looking as is, but I always see the potential.

Last summer when our neighbors had a garage sale, I bought 2 lamps and an exercise bike for $5 total. Bob, the funniest resident on our block, said I could have whatever I wanted for $5 and he wasn't kidding. He just wanted to get rid of the stuff before it rained. The lamps were old castaways from his parents and they were really in need of a makeover.

I have done one and will do the other when I find another fabric that says, "I belong on ugly lamp #2."

What I Did:

It took all of 10 minutes to paint. I used some of the green from our living room wall paint container to do this. I let it dry overnight, painted another coat, and let it dry all day. While it was drying, I used some Tanya Whelan fabric scraps and hot glued it to the lamp shade. I then attached a brooch I had from a scarf I bought on Etsy last winter by pinning it to the fabric.

I also had some great pink tinsel ribbon from Sugar*Sugar on Etsy and I used the hot glue gun from that. Lastly, some extra embellishments, including pretty lace from My So Called Junky Life that I had in my craft box finished it off.

I think the lamp is fun and truly reflects my love for vintage meets shabby chic. I'm eager to do the next lamp--most likely in robin's egg blue (shocking).