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Thrift Shop Finds

I added this pillow (another find from years ago for 50 cents at a thrift shop and is one of a pair) to the chair because I like them together.

I typically do my thrift shop finds on a Wednesday, but this is a two part thrift shop visit.

When Benjamin was at preschool yesterday, I drove to Webster to visit three thrift shops: two Goodwill stores and a Volunteers of America store. Ben and I had already gone to the local Salvation Army in the morning after breakfast but came home without any finds.

I found some great items at the VOA yesterday. I bought a Gap sweater vest for Nicholas. He loves sweaters and sweater vests and this was like new and in a fair isle pattern. It was also $2 because it was a blue tagged item and 50% off. I also bought a box of assorted vintage glass ornaments. All were in great, vintage condition and even had the hooks on them. The box was $3.99 and there ended up being 38 ornaments. My dining room has a tree with my old Hallmark ornaments, lots of glass, tin, and pieces I have collected over the years. Some I found in this box were very old, others not so old. I like the glass pinecones (there were 20 of these) because they blend right in nicely.

I also found 2 milk glass candy dishes. They look the same but are in different sizes. Both were $3.

I was short on time and spied a pretty side chair outside in front of the store when I was leaving. I didn't have time to stop and look at it and make a decision, then try to find room in the back of the car. I decided to head back this morning after I walked Nick to school. I figured it the chair was meant for me, it would still be there. Ben and I walked in and found it in their cramped furniture area. Mr. Ben happened to spy a Christmas book for 10 cents, so we bought that, too.
We bought the two items and were in an out in 10 minutes.

It has really good bones to it and is tufted velvet. It has some minor issues. The color, which I love, has some fading in a couple spots. I am thinking of recovering it. I may or may not. We will see. There are a couple small scratches on the legs, but this is normal for something its age (underneath the seat is written 1942). The chair was $17.99 and I am confident I am getting my money's worth on this one.

For $27, I ended up with an antique chair, 2 milk glass pieces, and something for my son to wear...and the 10 cent book for Ben. Not too shabby!

When my husband comes home later, he is going to roll his eyes and shake his head. Then he will say, "What are you going to do with this old thing?"

Never fear, dear readers: I have a plan for this chair. First of all, it is exactly the color of my computer desk. I am going to move a couple things around and use this as my computer chair. Once I do that, I will share pictures of my desk. I first need to clean it off so you're not mortified by the pile of store coupons and store ads I have sitting here...