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Sowing Seeds

Dear Readers,

My sister-in-law shared this with me tonight. It's about an organization called Collective Roots.

According to the Collective Roots website, their mission is "to engage youth and communities in food system change through sustainable programs that impact health, education, and the environment." Collective Roots is a not for profit organization in California which runs successful, award-winning gardening programs in schools. The program gives children a sense of empowerment so they see the benefits of not only eating healthy foods, but helping out their communities and the earth.

It sounds like a wonderful organization!

Collective Roots is giving away free seeds simply by filling out a small form. It takes 30 seconds. To receive a free packet of seeds, just click here now. I am eager to receive my seeds and see what I'll be planting.

Thank you, Laura, for sharing the link with me.