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Pretty in the Kitchen: Stand Mixers

Today I was making homemade vanilla marshmallows. Readers, they are so good. I make them every year at Christmastime. They are sticky and messy to make, but fluffy and delicious in the end. I dissolved my gelatin in water and let it stand. I was diligent about the candy thermometer getting to 244 degrees. I was 10 minutes into the 15 minutes required to mix on high and my stand mixer decided to die.

First of all, it started to smoke a bit. Then a spark. Then a weird "Bzzz" noise. Then kaput. Nothing more. I tried to fix it without success. It bit the dust and I was left with an incredibly sticky mess to pick up without the perk of knowing that I'd have delicious marshmallows tomorrow morning. They didn't expand enough to turn into the fluffy pillows I make each year.

Here I am looking online at stand mixers. I have quickly narrowed it down to two favorites. Good stand mixers are expensive. I rarely used a mixer when we first got married, so I never registered for one. I ended up buying a $60 Hamilton Beach one a couple years ago...and I only got a couple years out of it. If I buy a KitchenAid, it'll last years and years. That is important to me. Do you like these?

I confess...this one is my most favorite! I love everything about it. It's the KitchenAid from the Martha Stewart Blue Collection and it would be perfect in my kitchen.

If I buy this KitchenAid mixer, $50 will be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure®.