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Ornaments from Sugar*Sugar

My friend Sarah over at the My So Called Junky Life blog recently hosted a shabby chic ornament exchange. I am not experienced really in any way, shape or form when it comes to making Christmas ornaments.

I wanted to try, though, so I decided to participate. When Sarah sent me the name of my trading partner, I thought "Yikes!" to myself. You see, my partner was Analise of Sugar*Sugar. Designing sweet lovelies is her calling and her business. It's kind of like participating in an Italian cooking exchange and being assigned Giada de Laurentiis.

Some of my crafting supplies have even come from Analise's shop, such as pastel tickets, glass glitter, and wire tinsel ribbon. Her shop is really fabulous.

I gathered up my supplies last week and made some ornaments. Here are the ones I sent to Analise:

Gift wrap embellishment/tag ornamanent

Doily ornament

Shabby Snowflake

I sent off my ornaments last Friday and Analise sent hers. My box arrived yesterday and the ornaments are just lovely!

Here's what she sent to me:

This pretty tag with a candy cane made of vintage beads adorned the package.

I love this one!

This sparkly star is oh so pretty!