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O Christmas Tea! O Christmas Tea!

Photo courtesy of Harney & Sons

I received a most pleasant surprise in the mail yesterday. A C & G reader and dear friend, Amy, sent me the most wonderful package and I have to share one of the items with you today.

I love good tea. I have tried some fantastic teas, loose and in bags, but I think this could be tied for my most favorite ever. My most favorite ever is the Fairy Tale Tisane from SBS Teas, but this is now tied for my favorite because it is so scrumptious.

Amy sent me a tin of Harney & Sons White Christmas Blend. It is so wonderful. It has two of my favorite flavors: almond and vanilla. Add to this chamomile and cardamom and YUM is all I have to say. It is 100% gift worthy with the gorgeous tin and pretty sachets.

What I adore most about this tea is the parallel I see to fine teas and fine fragrances. When you have a brilliant perfume, your nose can detect the subtleties among the top, middle and base notes. The scent evolves over the course of seconds, minutes, and even hours.

Fine, high quality teas are the same. You can detect the various notes and facets to the drink. This is an outstanding tea and I am so happy to have tried this.

If you're looking for a gift, check out Harney & Sons.

Amy, thank you so much for this tea. I am drinking it right now!