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Merry Christmas from Chic & Green!

It's been super busy at our house the past several days. I've been baking up a storm, making snack mixes, bark and fudge galore, and wrapping gifts. I'm almost ready to head out the door from Benjamin's preschool party this afternoon. Nick is having a party at school today, too. Today's the last day and then my wild ones will be home until after the New Year. I am looking forward to it. I apologize for not being here at Chic & Green with as much gusto these past few days, but my kiddos come first.

I'll be doing a couple of random posts here and there, but until 12/29 when my husband goes back to work, I will only be on sporadically. Look for my annual beauty awards, though! The 2009 Best in Budget Beauty Award winners will be announced in the next few days!

Merry Christmas to you, readers.