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Holiday Treats: Day 1

The pieces of red and green make the Cranberry Nut Bark very festive!

We've been super busy the past couple of days with baking and treat making for the holidays.

Each day, I will post a different recipe for you to try if you'd like. This week, I will share my Peanut Butter Pretzel Fudge (the sweet mixed with salty crunch is so yummy!), Cranberry Nut Bark, Rocky Road fudge, Snowballs, and Sugar Cookies (to be made by me today or tomorrow).

The recipes are simple, delicious, and your kids will be able to help you with many of them.

Today's recipe is so easy! You will need three ingredients:

*One 11 ounce bag of Ghiradelli Classic White Chips
*3/4 cup chopped pistachios (no shells, of course!)
*3/4 cup of dried cranberries

Melt the white chips of medium heat, stirring frequently. Keep stirring gently until they are melted and smooth.

Remove from heat and stir in the nuts and berries.

Stir gently.

Pour mixture onto cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Using a rubber spatula, gently smooth out until it's about 1/4" thick. Chill for about 30 minutes. Break apart. This will make 15-20 pieces. I often double or triple the recipe to being to holiday parties.