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Delightful Vintage Coats

I do not enjoy this frigid air we've been blessed with the past couple days by Lake Ontario. It is so cold! Sitting here by the living room window in a warm sweater and my morning coffee, I am still chilled to the core. I'm one of those people who's always turning up the thermostat as my husband walks by 2 minutes later to turn it back down. He thinks I am crazy. I just think I'm shivering.

The silver lining, though, is that I get to wear my favorite handmade scarves purchased on Etsy and my super soft and warm leopard print hat when we head outside.

I also love a timeless winter coat. In my closet, I have my grandfather's old navy cashmere full length coat. It looks flawless and feels divine. His name is sewn into it and it was made for him by hand. My grandmother had given it to him years and years ago.

I am unsure of whether he ever wore it. The Popu I remember was a man who enjoyed wearing flannel shirts with turtlenecks underneath them and gray wool winter coats or parkas. I have been pondering taking this beautiful piece to the tailor to see if I can have it altered to fit me, to be taken in and given a princess silhoutte. I picture vintage, beautiful buttons on it, too. I just may do this after Christmas.

I have found some fabulous finds to look at from Etsy's vintage sellers. Here are my favorites.

A truly gorgeous 40s coat. I love everything about it!

Such a stunning faux fur coat from the 1950s. I adore it!

Made several decades ago my a high end Fifth Avenue clothier, this coat is lined in champagne silk.

I have a friend who could totally pull this one off with her dark hair and some more elaborate buttons put on the coat.

Sold by Faithful Vintage, $86

I love the lines on this coat from the 50s. Imagine it being updated with a great pair of boots.

Love, love the color of this coat from the early 1960s. I'd change out the buttons to something more feminine...maybe some mismatched antique pieces.
I love the feel of velvet and always have ever since I can remember my favorite red velvet dress with matching hair ribbons I wore on my 4th Christmas.

This velvet coat is from the 60s and ties at the waist.

I adore the colors. I am amazed by the details on vintage coats. They were all so full of their own unique character.

60s faux fur coat from Simple Thrift, $68

A timeless, flattering vintage coat from Nemres, $64