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Cocoa Loco

As I type this post, I am shivering. We live a stone's throw away from the elementary school, so I walk Nick over each morning. If I drove, it literally would take longer since part of the road in front of the school is a one way street and I'd have to go around the block to get across the street. We walked over this morning, boys splashing in the slush and throwing snowballs at Mommy, blowing halfway there.

The wind is bone chilling. The wreath blew off one of the doors. My trees by the front door have blown over. It is time for a big mug of hot chocolate.

Speaking of hot chocolate....

Pumpkin Spice hot cocoa mix from Teton Cocoa Company, $18

Hot Mexican Mocha Latte drink mix from Screaming Tea Pots, $8

Cocoa cones are sold for $1.99 each at Modern Zebra.

The Lilac Kitchen has created this vegan, organic and Fair Trade cocoa.

Winter bliss cocoa mix and mug set from Grace Filled Hands, $14

Cocoa mix in a vintage jar from Peaches & Kream, $14

Deluxe hot cocoa gift set from Treat Shop

Chocolate Lover's treat features fair trade drinking chocolates.

Rosie's Best gift set includes cocoa mix, homemade marshmallows, and vintage cup & saucer

Amaretto hot chocolate mix from Teton Cocoa Company, $14