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Bargains on a Monday Afternoon

A "Frozen Charlotte" given to me by Sarah at My So Called Junky Life rests against the pretty little dessert plate.

$0.49 for the sweet little plate...

The bowl was under $1. The ornaments are from a past Goodwill trip.

Alba lip gloss from Target


I do not know if this is going on at all Target stores, but I spied some great finds in the beauty clearance end racks today. They have EcoTools boxed gift sets with brushes, Jason Natural hair care sets, clearance items from Alba, and loads of Yes to Carrots deals. All of these paraben free finds were from 30-75% off depending on the items.

They also have lots of Mrs. Meyers essentials for $2.99, including the hand soap. These were on sale, not red tag clearance, on the opposite end caps.

If you're near the Irondequoit Target, check it out if you're still in need of any gifts.

While I was there, I treated myself to a great new tinted lip gloss in a shade called Blaze. It's from Alba Botanica's Terra Gloss collection and is just a wonderfully sheer, shimmery red. I have been looking for a red gloss when I don't want to wear a red lipstick on rare occasions I actually have red lips instead of some shade of plum. This has lots of beneficial ingredients, including shea butter and beeswax and it covers well without being sticky. It was under $5.


I found a really pretty sauce for $0.49 at Goodwill and a bowl for $0.99. I already have the same bowl. It was my Grandma's and I happened to see another one just like it today, so I thought I'd add it to my yellow collection.

Both are from the Goodwill on Holt Road in Webster.

Have a wonderful afternoon, everyone!