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Afternoon Snacking at Rubino's

If you are local and you know me well, you know I just love going to Rubino's. Read more posts about Rubino's here and here. It's right here in Irondequoit and it is just a wonderful shopping experience. You can go in there, find some Orangina (my favorite), get a giant tub of almond paste for baking, have some homemade soup, take home a delicious meatball sub , buy some delicious homemade sausages (Parsley, Wine & Cheese is my favorite), and more.

It's an Italian grocery store with the best aroma ever--you can smell all of the cheeses and meat, but then catch an aroma from the sauces cooking up at their carry out area.

I always buy some extra shard provolone and a tub of their Rubino's Best Blend grated cheese. Then I stop by the bakery area and usually take home some mini cream puffs and eclairs (at $0.39 and $0.59 each, respectively). When I was in there last week, though, they had Tiramisu at the bakery. This is my all-time favorite dessert. I got a VERY large portion (2 good sized servings) for only $3.49!

I'd say that it was about 1.5 to 2 times larger than any restaurant's dessert portion. This was very good, too!

When Ben is at preschool, I typically stop on Mondays and have 2 mini cream puffs and a Cappuccino. The total comes to under $3 every time. The Tiramisu, though, was last week's unexpected treat! I highly recommend it when you go....just thinking about it makes me want some more.