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Things I am Working On....

Sharing a few items I have ordered to use on craft projects for holiday gifts and for my home. I am feeling very creative these days!

This is the fabric I am using for my kitchen chair cushions.

I ordered some of this pretty tinsel in aqua, green, and pink from Etsy's Sugar Sugar.

These pink tickets will be fun to work with! They are also from Sugar Sugar.

For $3, I bought a huge assortment of "yo yos." I am eager to see how they inspire me when I sit down to craft with them. These are from Yo Yo Cottage on Etsy.

My So Called Junky Life sells "junk boxes." I ordered this one and cannot wait to use the pieces for some handmade gifts!

I bought some of this glitter from a sweet lady who has an Etsy shop called Bird Song Studio and eBay store, The Little Feathered Nest. I am getting several colors of this German Glass Glitter and cannot wait to use it!

I am going through another phase when my creative juices are flowing. I have lots of things I am working on right now and if I write them down, I can look at the list and tackle it faster!

First things first...the decorating projects in the home are going slowly. I thought I'd be energized and tackle all the painting I want to do right away. I finished the kitchen and all I need to do is sew the new Tanya Whelan fabric I bought into cushion covers for the chairs. Then I will be 100% done and will post pictures.

I have to paint the hallway and going up the stairs, too. That is going to be a rich golden shade.

The living room is what I want done the most and have the paint for, but the thought of painting the ceiling is holding me back. I will do it soon, though, as my goal is to have the hallway, living room, and dining room painted by Thanksgiving. The dining room was going to change from lavender to a rich, regal purple with crisp white trim. Since I am a bit flaky, I have changed my mind once again. I'm going to do a soft cocoa of some sort and paint some furniture robin's egg blue.

I also have plans for sharing lots of homemade gift ideas with you. Our goal every year is to have a beautiful Christmas, and that we do. However, with the exception of the boys' gifts, the goal is to have a completely handmade Christmas. Last year, I found the bulk of our gifts right on Etsy. This year I am not working more than full time hours with my business (yay!) and will have time to play around with crafts and homemade goodies.

I have found some great supplies on Etsy and eBay and cannot wait until they are all here so I can get going on my latest projects!

On my list of DIY projects to share with you on the blog:

DIY Handmade Edible Christmas Gifts

*Lemon Curd in mason jars
*Cupcakes in jars
*Sour Cream Pound Cake
*Marinara Sauce
*Double Chocolate Cranberry Bark
*Peanut Brittle

Some recipes from the Nigella Christmas book:

*Marintated Feta
*Vanilla Sugar jars

Other DIY handmade gift ideas

*Paper Tussie Mussies with embellishments
*Shabby Chic fabric rag balls
*Easy French chic pillow covers
*Lots more!