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More Mini Projects...

If you have not caught on by now, I will let you know I have a love for a certain color: Valspar Lyndhurst Duchess Blue.

I painted my kitchen cabinets with it....and the powder room....and now several odd accessories.

I simply love the color.

I am trying to use up the remainder of this gallon, which has about 1/4 left in it.

I took an old table from Tom's downstairs office (which used to hold my mom's rotary phone in my childhood home) and painted it. I then painted a chair. This chair was white and gold and from the 1950s. It once belonged to my late, great Aunt Marg. It has been green, black, and mint green since it became mine a decade or so ago. It's been in the garage since we moved in 5 years ago, and I decided to use it. It is a pretty piece. I used some fabric from the Tanya Whelan Ava Rose collection to recover the very sad seat. It had old toile fabric that has yellowed and browned over the years. I ripped off a couple layers of fabric and staples and put new fabric on.

I think it the chair came out the way I wanted it to--retro meets shabby chic meets cheerful.

Here is how it came out. Note--I will talk more about the lamp in another post...

I also have been using it to make chalkboards. If you haven't tried chalkboard paint before, you simply are missing out!

For about $5, you can buy a spray can that will make you at least a dozen chalkboards in an 8" by 10" size. I regularly buy old wooden frames at thrift shops and garage sales and simply spray the paint right over the glass. In two light coats, you have a new chalkboard. Just paint the frame!

I have made 4 now with this robin's egg blue paint. Here is my favorite--it's gotten lots of use (and I just noticed I need to erase a stubborn spot of chalk on the right here...)

I'll share more later...I am waiting for primer to dry now. My latest project? Taking an old bookcase and my grandmother's old cedar chest (which was mine since early childhood), stacking one on top of the other and painting them'll be two unused pieces made into a little hutch for the dining room.