Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving! We had a wonderful day and enjoyed our time spent with family and friends.

I planned to get online yesterday to share more recipes, but I didn't have the chance. Later on, I'll post the boys' favorite part of yesterday's dinner: the homemade banana pudding.

It's been busy today. Tom decided he wasn't tired last night and arrived at Toys R Us for their midnight opening. He went there and was in line for several hours, went to Target, and then to Home Depot for a potted pre-lit tree set for the front steps. He didn't get home until 7 o'clock this morning and was still wide awake. He enjoyed the crowds. I am content to shop from the comfort of my own computer chair.

Today I am painting the dining room and will later decorate the Christmas tree. The boys are very excited about that! They're listening to Christmas carols and playing Sequence right now, laughing away.

In other news--I will reopen one week from today and will be offering facial creams, eye cream, and holiday body creams one long weekend only thanks to your requests! Look for last year's popular Nutmeg Creme, House Blend (lemon-vanilla) and Comforting Blend (vanilla-honey-almond). These will be sold in 4 ounce jars. I'm thinking of putting these back up in the shop I had on 1000 Markets until I closed in September.

I have decided to open for a weekend each holiday season to sell the body creams. I am busy making things as gifts anyway, so it makes sense. Facial creams only will continue to be available every couple months to existing customers only.

I will not be reopening in the future for cosmetics and the rest of the product line. This closure has been wonderful for my health, time spent with family, and our life here in general. I am able to enjoy so much more and didn't realize I was missing out on so much! I promised you that I'd keep creams available from time to time and opening every now and then for a couple weeks at a time works very well.

Look for an update about this December 4th-9th ordering opportunity.

I'll be back later on with Frugal Fridays, a recipe, and more!

Have a beautiful Friday!