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A Hair Affair

So the time has come again for me to be growing out my hair. I have loved having a pixie again, but I miss being able to do lots of things with it.

I do not miss blow drying, flat ironing, and the need for deep conditioning treatments. I love the convenience of a cropped cut and it is always fun...until the time comes along when I decide to grow it out again. I've been growing it out for a few weeks--about 6--just getting little trims to keep things healthy and to think out the bulk. If I comb down the sides, they touch just above my ear piercing hole. I am just waiting for the sides to play catch up with the back and while this goes on for the next couple months, I will be looking for some more hair pins and other accessories to help ease the transition.

Here are some pretty ones from Etsy and 1000 Markets:

Vintage jeweled pin from French Flea Market is a sparkler.

The "Audrey" hair fascinator is handmade by VieModerne.

Natural vine crown from Which Goose would be great for a special holiday event.

Rose hair pins from Pretty Boutique on 1000 Markets,

I {heart} these...very much!
From Frosted Willow, $7.50

Trio of peacock bobbies from Emily Wootton

Holiday hair pin from Percy Handmade is the perfect harmony of luxury and vintage flair.

You can see the history behind these vintage hair pins.
From Nomsa, $8

The buttons on the hair pins are from the late 1800s. Now that is vintage!

Collection of hair pins from Mi Bazaar Latino, $12