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Eco-Chic Bags...What Was Old Is New Again!

What a great collection of bags! These are all both chic and green! Everything you see here is an "upcycled" piece. In other words, items such as drapes, jeans, sweaters, and tablecloths have been made into something completely new.

The next time you're in a thrift shop and see a great quality piece in the wrong size, why not see what kind of magic you can work on it?

I even saw items made out of seatbelts today on Etsy!

I adore this bag. It is made from a vintage men's suit. I love the transformation!

This one reminds me of an outfit I had in Mr. Cooley's second grade class...beige cords and a plaid shirt. I am sure I had Mary Janes with them and either braids or big tails, too.

From Crysto, $25

A vintage brooch adorns this quilt-turned bag from Prints Charming Purses.

It looks like it could have been your grandma's cardigan. Now it is a great knitting tote or book bag. I wish I could post the lining, too--it's a lovely pale mint and white polka dot!

Once upon a time, this was a simple merino wool sweater. Now it's a great staple handbag!
From Felt Sew Good, $42

This ultra feminine bag is lined with what was once a drapery lining!

So pretty...think New Year's Eve.

From Ladybug SF, $42

This upcycled bag would be a great gift for that 'tween or teen on your list. This was originally a pair of jeans from Limited Too.

What were once two lonely remnants has turned into a glorious clutch!

This pretty red corduroy tote would be great this holiday season!
From Helis, $42