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Another Productive Weekend

Nick's thoughts on the weekend...

I am sorry I didn't have a chance to post over the weekend. I was super duper busy around the house.

First off, I would like to wish my big brother a Happy Birthday! It was yesterday and I talked with him on the phone, but I didn't get to make a post. When I spoke to him, his wife (my wonderful sister-in-law and a great cook) was making tamales. Yum! Happy Birthday, Jeff!

In other weekend news, Toys R Us was having a light night Friday/early bird Saturday sale, so I took a little trip to get a couple of items for Benjamin from the Cars movie toy line to tuck away...just in case Santa doesn't bring those ;-)

The boys were great this weekend. They played together quite well before picking on each other, which was a breath of fresh air. Nick finished up reading Henry Huggins and added on about 20 more items from the Target toy book to his Christmas list. Ben played with his GeoTrax for much of the weekend. This allowed me to do lots of painting!

I painted the living room green. Tom calls it "light pea soup green" but it is actually Valspar Jekyll Crane Cottage Green. I then painted the hallway going upstairs a rich gold. Tom calls this one "baby food squash", but it's really Valspar Homestead Resort Accent Gold. My back and neck were hurting, so my sweet hubby voluntarily painted the ceiling in the living room for me. If you know Tom, you know that he does not paint.

I promise a full round of pictures over this Thanksgiving weekend!

I have been doing little projects here and there (painting furniture, turning old frames into chalkboards, hanging new pictures, etc.) and once everything is hung on the walls and completely finished, I will post all of the pictures. I am thinking of being a glutton for punishment and painting the dining room tomorrow so the whole downstairs will be 100% done the way I want it to be for Thanksgiving....we shall see! I mentioned this to Tom and he already shook his head no and rolled his eyes at me.

Since October, I have done the kitchen, downstairs powder room, living room, the upstairs hallway, and stairway (including ceiling, which wasn't fun on the stairs!). If I get the dining room done, too, I'll give myself a whopping pat of the back. It feels great to finish off these projects.

I also made up some delicious cupcakes for the boys and a worked on an easy DIY gift for the blog. This will go up later today or tomorrow--we're making some delicious, from scratch yellow cupcakes with chocolate sour cream icing in mason jars.

This is a super busy week. This afternoon, we're taking the boys for their H1N1 vaccines, then going to Great Northern Pizza Kitchen for dinner so Nick can have his favorite macaroni and cheese pizza. Tomorrow is painting day, I think. The boys also need haircuts after Nick gets home from school. There is no school on Wednesday and we're taking the boys for their Christmas portraits at a new portrait studio in Pittsford. Then it's Thanksgiving. I will stop in a bit each day...and post some great recipes for Thursday, too.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

I will leave you with some little sneak peek pictures!

My burlap banner from Etsy's Funkyshique. I have a couple pictures from Etsy I need to frame and place underneath...

Ben helped me make a little paper tussie mussie for the stairway.

Little corner by the sofa--I need to work on this area still...more to hang...and I would like to paint the table.

The little corner by my computer...I am using this bag as a decoration, as it came from a special friend of mine and makes me smile when I see it.