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Pumpkin Donut Challenge!

The pumpkin donut from Dunkin Donuts is pictured here.

Sometimes I have to undertake difficult challenges in the name of giving you, my readers, detailed opinions on products. It'll be such an arduous task this week with my upcoming Pumpkin Donut Challenge, but I will do it in the name of research :)

I have a donut each Sunday morning and stick with homemade granola, fresh fruit or poached eggs the other 6 days. There are so many seasonal varieties, though, so I'm going to give 4 different donuts a try and compare the pumpkins for you.

Each day I will try a pumpkin donut for you. I'll try pumpkin donuts from Dunkin Donuts, Tin Horton's, Wegmans, and the Ridge Donut Cafe here in Irondequoit and report back. Again, I will endure these four donuts all in the name of research.

The winning pumpkin donut will be announced Friday.

If you are in Irondequoit and know of other pumpkin donuts, let me know so I can be even more thorough!