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Pumpkin Donut Challenge: THE WINNER!

Happy Halloween, everyone! This rainy morning has drinking my hot coffee--Pumpkin Pie Roast from Pike Creek Coffee, but being very tired of trying pumpkin donuts. I've decided to judge the 5 donuts I enjoyed all week and skip running over to Wegmans to see if they made pumpkin ones this morning.

I have a winner for you!

This was not even close. I tried pumpkin donuts from Dunkin Donuts, Herman's Farm Market, Tim Horton's, Ridge Donut Cafe, and Powers Farm Market. Three of these are local establishments, while the other two are larger chains.

The winner--by a landslide--is the Herman's donut. This blew the competition away. Herman's is located north of Route 104 on Five Mile Line Road in Webster. Go there. Today.

I must confess, I don't know if I can stomach eating another donut anytime soon, unless it's the one from Herman's one last time this season. When you add in a pumpkin donut to your daily diet when you're used to eating very healthfully at least 5 days a week....well, I just have felt blah. I usually eat half a donut at a time when I have one. I ate that one from Herman's without leaving any leftovers. It was so good, I was thrilled when my friend, Elizabeth, brought me some more of them to have Wednesday.

The challenge, though, was fun. Look for a week-long Hot Chocolate challenge in mid November.