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Pumpkin Donut Challenge: Day 5

Tomorrow is the day I will announce the winner of my Pumpkin Donut Challenge. If Wegmans has them back in the bakery tomorrow morning, I will try their creation and let you know how it rates. Otherwise, I will go with the 5 others for consideration.

This morning, I headed to the east part of the Rochester area, arriving at Powers Farm Market on Marsh Road around 9:30. I was meeting my mom in Perinton at 10 and was going to be early, so I decided to stop and get my pumpkin donut there.

Thank you to my lovely local reader who recommended the pumpkin donut at Powers.

My thoughts: I was expecting great flavor from this donut. It looked delicious. I chose the only pumpkin donut they offered and it was a pumpkin glazed. It looked like it was going to taste wonderful.

When I took my first bite, it tasted quite dry to me. I didn't get that freshly made taste I have enjoyed from other local places such as Herman's and Ridge Donut Cafe. It was a bit better tasting than the pumpkin glazed varieties I tried at Dunkin Donuts and Tim Horton's, although it did not come close to Herman's, nor was it as good as Ridge.

This very dry donut had an extremely subtle pumpkin flavor. I could tell it was pumpkin, although there were no spice notes. The exterior was moister and tasted pleasant enough, but the interior's dryness made this one one I wouldn't buy again. This is a case of why we shouldn't choose our books by their covers....this looked like it'd be great, but fell very short in my eyes.

I don't know if this was a day old one that was put out, or just a bad one out of the bunch, but I just didn't really enjoy this as well as a couple others.








Size: ****
Appearance: ****
Texture: **
Flavor: ***

OVERALL: *** 1/4