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Pumpkin Donut Challenge: Day 2

Benjamin at Herman's this morning.

This is the pumpkin donut with cinnamon and sugar at Herman's.

It was love at first bite....

Can you see the little dots of spices? It tastes like pumpkin pie spice is mixed into the pumpkin batter.

Before I even begin my review, I must confess I wish I had purchased a dozen of today's contestants....this donut was that good.

One of my readers in the town of Webster, just a quick drive from Irondequoit across the Bay Bridge suggested Herman's Farm Market & Cider Mill as a local place with pumpkin fried cakes. Kristin, thank you for the suggestion!

Since I added Herman's, I am adding a day to the pumpkin challenge. The winning donut will be announced on Halloween morning.

First off, if you are local and haven't been to Herman's, it is on Five Mile Line Road in Webster just passed Webster Thomas High School. It's located just north of Route 104. It is a quick drive and an easy stop on your way to or from Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, and Kohl's.

Ben, Gert, and I arrived there this morning. If you live in the Irondequoit area and we've met, chances are you've met Gert. It's the worn out and faded stuffed giraffe Ben has taken everywhere with him since he was an infant. You can see Gert in the picture above sticking out of Ben's coat.

I love Herman's. You can find locally grown produce and baked goods. They have fabulous apple cider, too!

For $9.35, I bought 3 donuts ($0.49 ea), a block of Heluva Good Extra Sharp Cheddar (also a local company), a gallon of cider, and a loaf of one of the best--if not the best--Italian breads in the area: Martusciellio's.

Back to the Donut Challenge.... After this donut, I highly doubt there is a better tasting pumpkin donut in the area, but I'll try more this week.

In terms of size, this is a bit on the smaller side. Truthfully, it is probably the perfect serving size. We live in a world where people think bigger is better. Let's be honest, the bigger the donut, the more calories it has. I am just comparing sizes, not suggesting a bigger or smaller donut is better taste wise.

I took one bite of this one and it was just perfect. The texture was perfect, the pumpkin and spice flavor was perfect...everything was heavenly. I could taste lots of fresh pumpkin, all of the spices, loads of cinnamon. What I realized most is that compared to yesterday's donut, this was truly fresh in every way. It wasn't too heavy and dense, nor was it light and airy. It was just an absolute happy medium and I am thrilled Kristin recommended their donuts to me.

This was, so far this autumn, the best pumpkin donut by a landslide. The others I am testing this week will have a lot to live up to....








Size: ***
Appearance: *****
Texture: *****
Flavor: *****

OVERALL: **** 1/2