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Painting Project Updates

I have a kitchen update for you! I am a few days behind schedule with the kitchen, as the thought of 3 full days without using my counters was making me wait a bit. Yesterday, I took the bull by the horns and decided to break open the Rust Oleum countertop paint. I had read about this product in Country Living and heard good things from a cousin who tried it.

We have been wanting new countertops and were planning to put in granite in the spring ourselves. I just don't want to spend that money right now (or the time to remove these and install new ones), so I thought of giving this a shot.

Anything is better than 50's laminate with lots of scratchmarks and silver trim.

Here is a sneak peek. I have been doing some ditressing on picture frames and spraying them with chalkboard paint. When I have everything hung and the accessories put out and/or painted, I'll show the rest. Next stop...the living room.

One thing I have been doing is "shopping" my own stuff--in the garage and basement and seeing what I can do with current pieces. This is green decorating--saving $green$ and recycling/upcyling pieces already in your house.

My curtain tie backs are glitter-trimmed numbers cards from My Sparrows Nest on Etsy

I wanted fun retro kitsch in the kitchen and found 2 table runners on clearance at Target. Both cost me $8. I decided to use them as no sew (because my sewing skills stink) window treatments.

Seems light...the man at Home Depot said it would get darker.

Say "goodbye" to the white and grey laminate from the 1950s....

So wet, stinky and messy. I can still smell it right in my nose 24 hours later... I decided to cover the old silver metal trim, too.

24 hours into "curing"....this must set and not get wet or scratched for 3 days. Wednesday evening I will put my milk glass and some other kitchen accessories out. I am not sold on the "Wheat" shade--I'll live with it a couple months and if it doesn't grow on me, I will go darker. Right now, the surface is VERY smooth to the touch.