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The Next Chapter: Truth

This is my Journal of Truth to myself...

We're moving along in the book club discussion of Martha Beck's The Joy Diet: 10 Daily Practices for a Happier Life.

Last week, we discussed Nothing and our personal experiences in doing nothing.

This week is about Truth and the stories we tell ourselves. We're asked to answer daily questions:

What am I feeling?

What hurts?

What is the painful story I am telling?

Can I be sure my painful story is true?

Is my painful story working?

Can I think of another story that might work better?

I told you earlier how I started reading this book earlier in the summer, but stopped reading after a couple chapters so I could be fully present in this discussion when The Next Chaper book club rolled around again. I wrote in my journal in late July to answer these questions.

What a difference.

Here are some excerpts from my personal journal dating back a couple months:

Fast Forward to the 10.1.09 entry:

The question I asked again was "How do you feel?"

Why the stark contrast between the end of July and yesterday's journal entry? Well, the TRUTH chapter's exercises were truly very difficult. I took the time to ponder them over and over again. I think I was afraid for so long that if I even let myself consider that I was not truly happy, that I would be a failure.

It can be hard to realize what the truth really is. Listening to your heart and understanding your feelings is the first step to discovering your own truth.

Someone I love very much listened to me a few weeks ago when I explained to her what I was feeling. She listened to me and the fact that she listened without telling me what I should do or judging me for feeling this way was everything I needed and meant so much. Laura, I cannot thank you enough for listening to me. Your support has helped me find real happiness and balance once again.

Next week, the book focuses on desire. I look forward to reading everyone's posts on the topic and writing my own.