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The Next Chapter: Treats

It's time again to make my post for the book club for bloggers to which I belong founded by Jamie Ridler. We've moved on this week to another chapter in Martha Beck's book, The Joy Diet: 10 Daily Practices from a Happier Life. The chapter is called Treats and focuses on being kind to yourself and treating yourself to life's simple & not so simple pleasures as a way or nurturing your soul.


I'm going to share the weekly assignment I had with you. It's called the Catalog of Sensory Delights and the task was to fill in the blanks:

1. I love the taste of:

*an extra sharp cheddar cheese
*ripe, fresh peaches
*fine dark chocolate
*my morning coffee
*my homemade panna cotta with chocolate sauce & raspberries

2. I love the sight of:

*twinkling Christmas lights
*my boys....anytime!
*lilacs in bloom at Highland Park
*the foliage on a sunny fall day driving across the Bay Bridge
*the Sunday paper and my breakfast on the coffee table in the morning

3. I love the feel of:

*my favorite soft cashmere sweater
*warm fluffy towels right out of the dryer
*crunchy leaves beneath my feet while taking a walk
*warm hugs
*having my hair shampooed at the salon

4. I love the smell of:

*apple pie baking in the oven
*vanilla beans
*coffee brewing
*Rubino's in just smells good in there!

5. I love the sound of:

*our children playing and laughing
* an excited crowd at Yankee Stadium when they team is winning a big game
*the dog galloping across the wood floors
*seagulls flying over the water
*the peaceful quietness in the library