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The Next Chapter: Desire

We're on Chapter 3 of the book The Joy Diet: 10 Daily Practices for a Happier Life by Martha Beck. It's all part of Jamie Ridler's book club for bloggers to which I belong called The Next Chapter.

In this chapter, we're still doing our daily exercises of Nothing and Truth. This week's focus, though, is on desire.

My desire is to follow through on my urge to be creative. I've always had this urge and simply haven't had time to enjoy creative projects the way I used to until recently.

I used to love to scrapbook and make collages and just create. I used to sell greeting cards. It was fun. I dyed the cardstock by dipping it coffee and cinnamon. I sold them on Etsy. It was fun. It made me happy. My desire to create was zapped away, though, when I had to fill an order for 100 completely different Christmas cards in one week. What was once fun was a job and nothing I went back to selling skin care. It was fun and I could create once more. As we found would discover a couple years later, my desire and passion became zapped again when it was no longer just fun.

A lesson I have learned is that if something is no longer fun, do not do it anymore. Life is too short to not enjoy every moment of it!

With my spirit and senses re-energized and my mood is free and content, I've once again found that my desire is to create. Create simply for the love and fun of it!

I got out some supplies to follow through with my desire to create anything that seemed fun at the time!

Had fun with this collage in progress...which is pictured down below

She speaks to me. I had fun with some Modge Podge to make this :)

....and I made a Halloween mixed media collage for the living room.

How else am I following through with my desire to engage my creative side?

I also have loads of Scrabble tiles. I would like to try my hand at making some tile pendants.

I have loads of bottle caps and have been making magnets with my art supplies.

I even bought ACEO cardstock to make ACEOs (these are the size of a wallet-sized picture).

Signed up a few weeks ago to take two jewelry making classes later this fall.

Bought an old mahogany rocker for $1 at the Salvation Army in need of TLC! It'll soon have a new seat and I'll paint it robin's egg blue.

Another project--turning an old dresser into a buffet for my dining room!

Ironically, our next chapter is CREATIVITY! I am eager to see how this ties in with DESIRE.