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Glop & Glam: Hair Care for Little Ones

There are so many celebrity hair care lines out there these days that it won't surprise any of you to hear that a celeb and a hair styling guru collaborated to launch a line of boutique hair products for children.

What may surprise you, though, is that the celebrity behind this line is conservative talk show host, Dr. Laura Schlessinger.

Dr. Laura is one half of the duo behind Glop & Glam. The other half is salon owner and style guru, Andrea Ridgell.

They teamed up to create a paraben and DMDM Hydantoin-free line of products for children. Products are also alcohol-free and there is no animal testing.

I'll begin with full disclosure again. I didn't pay for these. I received a large package full of products last week from the company, Glop & Glam. While these were sent to me to write about, I pledge as I always do to give you my opinion (good or bad). I know this may not be proper blogger etiquette, but sending me a box of cool looking stuff doesn't mean I am going to rave about what was sent. If I love a product, paid for or not, I'll tell you. If a product is less than stellar, you'll hear about it as well.

Back to the products....When I opened this beautiful package of goodies, Nick's eyes got really big. You see, Nick is very into fashion and style. He loves to have his hair done--always asking Maureen or Nico to add products when he gets his hair done. He like wax or pomade in the morning before school. He likes shine spray....and he thoroughly enjoys having me make little masks and things for his "getting handsome" routine.

What I don't like, though, is that there is so much junk in hair styling products these days--everything from petrochemicals to four different varieties of parabens. It is really hard to find a 100% healthful product for the hair.
My favorite styling aid is Tigi Bed Head Manipulator, but it's full of chemicals. I try not to use it, but I guess I make excuses at times because it touches only my hair and isn't rubbed into my skin. That doesn't mean I am happy about what is used to make most hair products, though.

Eye Candy

Glop & Glam's packaging is really cool. Colors are vibrant. The look is bold, sleek, and fun. What I like most, perhaps, is the same thing that Nick likes: the scents. The foody fragrances are fabulous and smell very true to the name. The pomade has a fresh banana scent. There's bubble gum and watermelon--even some great smelling chocolate products. The detangler smells just like a creamsicle.

How do the ingredients stack up?

If I were using these products for skin care, I would be much more critical. There are petrochemicals and potential toxins. That is not good at all and I need to point that out. The line uses some of the nastier chemicals in skin care out there and I wouldn't use this on my children if it these products were absorbed through the skin. A couple things had PEG-ingredients listed. You know I wouldn't use these on the skin. There's artificial fragrance, too. Ozokerite is a leading ingredient. What is this? A paraffin (crude oil). You'll also find Methylisothiazoliane, a toxin.. What is this? Click here to learn more.

When compared to other children's products, though, these are much better and do contain natural extracts and organic ingredients ranging from soy to aloe to antioxidant green tea. You'll even find echinacea, as well as several other extracts. Unfortunately, that doesn't erase the bad.

Our thoughts

I admit it. I have fallen for one of the products. I have a pixie and use a pomade, typically the shimmery one I showed you how to make back in June. Glop & Glam has a product called Hair Glop Banana Spike Molding Putty. It smells like bananas and it truly works better than my old retail favorite, Bed Head Manipulator. The Tigi product didn't contain nourishing extracts and was full of parabens. This is a much more effective and more healthful alternative. Nick likes it, too, and the website says that it is for boys. I think it also works well for those of us with short hair.

The other favorite in this house is the Hair Glop Chocolate Controller. This one was designed for boys and Nick and Ben both like the true chocolate scent. It smells like a semi-sweet chocolate chip. Nick has fine, flyaway hair and this works well to mess up his hair a bit and keep it off to the side.

Nicholas also has been using the Glitter Gum Gel. It delivers extra hold and also leaves behind a bit of glitter for a hint of sparkle.

The C & G Bottom Line:

For a fun line of hair care, this is a nice concept. Truthfully, I would not spend $15.99 for a hair styling product for my 4 or 6 year old to use--not when it has so so many less than stellar ingredients.

The products are very generously sized, though, and if spending extra money on hair products for your children is something you typically do--and you don't obsess over ingredients-- Glop & Glam is a fair choice. If the products were rubbed in and not shampooed out, I'd run for the hills, though.

I am going to keep my pledge to be honest with you about products I receive--I could rave on and on, but it would not be fair to tell you these products are perfect when there are still ingredients to avoid. These smell great, look great, and work well. The line just needs to eliminate a few more ingredients before I can give it a Chic & Green wholehearted recommendation. I give kudos to avoiding the formaldehyde releasers, parabens, and alcohol. Unfortunately, though, that G & G doesn't place quite the importance on avoiding other proven nasties.

I hope that the line will consider eliminating the other harmful toxins. I am truly impressed with the mission of the company, though, to offer products for kids without parabens, alcohol, or formaldehyde. That is a huge start. The fact that so many other chemicals are present is bothersome. I would give a negative review if the ingredients were applied to the scalp, but there are not. They touch the hair and are washed out, so I can say it's OK to use on the hair, but wash out without being worried.