Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

The Eyes Have It

I had my routine eye exam the other day and was told I need bifocals. I have always been nearsighted and need my glasses to watch tv and drive, but I apparently have other issues going on now and need bifocals. When Tom's done working this afternoon, I am headed to pick out some new frames. At least that part will be fun!

I found some GREAT vintage frames on Etsy today. I only wish I could try them before buying--there are so many neat ones out there.

I like my current frames and think I'll get the new lenses put in these, too!

I really like these! From Vintage 50s Eyewear

Love these!


What a neat history these must have!
1950s frames from Vintage Etc.

These vintage frames are from Dulcet

50s frames from Back Thennish Vintage

1950s half specs from Boo Bears 2. Very cool now--although I would've laughed "back in the day"

How fun! From Third Granny, $35

Rhinestones adorn these frames from the 50s or 60s.

Christian Dior vintage frames from Luanne Vintage